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5 Great Ways to Use Your Garmin Forerunner 405CX

The 405cx makes it easy to set up interval training workouts. Interval training is a type of exercise where you alternate between higher and lower intensities over a period of time which could be from 1 to 5 minutes. There are numerous studies which demonstrate the benefits of interval training over a normal cardio workout. These include a healthier heart, improved lung function and increased metabolism. And it takes less time to achieve these benefits. The 405cx can do an interval training session without you having to circle a track. You can set an initial warm-up period, then have a run segment which can either be set by distance or time and then a rest segment. You choose the number of repetitions you would like to do and then there is an optional cool-down phase to finish.

The Garmin 405cx has a special calorie counting function which is more advanced than other Garmin Forerunner models. Anyone on a weight loss or keep fit program will be very interested in the calorie burn. The Garmin allows you to preset your age, weight, from which it will determine an accurate calorie burn. It does this by factoring in the actual heart rate measured during exercise into the calorie burning algorithm. So it will know you are using more calories when going up a hill, as have to work harder increasing your heart rate, than when you come down the hill. So you will have much more accurate feedback about your exercise routine then normal and be able to adjust it to meet your desired goals.

The Garmin Forerunner 405cx can be used in a variety of different ways. In can be used outdoors or indoors, track your workouts for running, cycling, or rowing etc. Although water resistant it is not fully waterproof so can't be used for activities like swimming for which you would need to use the 310XT. If you pair your 405cx with an optional footpod you can track your indoor workouts such as a treadmill or indoor track. You just snap the footpod onto your running shoes and for extra accuracy can calibrate it either by distance or using the GPS functionality.

The footpod measures speed and distance indoors where you either can't get a GPS signal or where you are using an exercise machine such as a treadmill where you don't actually move anywhere. It is also easy to use while cycling. You can change the sports mode from running to biking, which will use heart rate zones, speed zones and calorie zones specific to the type of activity. The speed is shown in mph instead of paces. There is an optional bike mount to enable you to see your 405 cx while exercising and also an optional cadence sensor which tracks cadence or revolutions per minute.

The virtual partner functionality is another great way to use your forerunner 405cx. The partner is always ready for a challenge. On your watch it is displayed as an animated runner. It compares it to your runner showing who is behind or behead visually, and there is also a readout with numbers stating the exact difference between you and your virtual partner. It is simple to change the pace of your partner through touching and sliding finger around the bezel on the watch. The virtual partner pushes you on in each run helping you to increase your fitness and reduce lap times significantly. You can also set your previous runs to act as the virtual partner to see how you are improving over time.

The wireless technology in the 405cx allows you to effortlessly transfer the data to and from your computer. Runners, cyclists or hikers can send courses, goals and workout sessions to the Garmin 405cx before beginning and after the session is finished easily transfer the results back to the PC from an exercise session you have just done to your computer. Athletes can log their workouts, track totals, set goals and share workouts with others and also join the online fitness community at Garmin Connect. You can also share your workout with another nearby 405cx through the wireless data transfer. It will send across locations, advanced workouts and courses!

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