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5 Great Ways to Use Your Garmin Forerunner 405CX

The 405cx makes it easy to set up interval training workouts. Interval training is a type of exercise where you alternate between higher and lower intensities over a period of time which could be from 1 to 5 minutes. There are numerous studies which demonstrate the benefits of interval training over a normal cardio workout. These include a healthier heart, improved lung function and increased metabolism. And it takes less time to achieve these benefits. The 405cx can do an interval training session without you having to circle a track. You can set an initial warm-up period, then have a run segment which can either be set by distance or time and then a rest segment. You choose the number of repetitions you would like to do and then there is an optional cool-down phase to finish.

The Garmin 405cx has a special calorie counting function which is more advanced than other Garmin Forerunner models. Anyone on a weight loss or keep fit program will be very interested in the calorie burn. The Garmin allows you to preset your age, weight, from which it will determine an accurate calorie burn. It does this by factoring in the actual heart rate measured during exercise into the calorie burning algorithm. So it will know you are using more calories when going up a hill, as have to work harder increasing your heart rate, than when you come down the hill. So you will have much more accurate feedback about your exercise routine then normal and be able to adjust it to meet your desired goals.

The Garmin Forerunner 405cx can be used in a variety of different ways. In can be used outdoors or indoors, track your workouts for running, cycling, or rowing etc. Although water resistant it is not fully waterproof so can't be used for activities like swimming for which you would need to use the 310XT. If you pair your 405cx with an optional footpod you can track your indoor workouts such as a treadmill or indoor track. You just snap the footpod onto your running shoes and for extra accuracy can calibrate it either by distance or using the GPS functionality.

The footpod measures speed and distance indoors where you either can't get a GPS signal or where you are using an exercise machine such as a treadmill where you don't actually move anywhere. It is also easy to use while cycling. You can change the sports mode from running to biking, which will use heart rate zones, speed zones and calorie zones specific to the type of activity. The speed is shown in mph instead of paces. There is an optional bike mount to enable you to see your 405 cx while exercising and also an optional cadence sensor which tracks cadence or revolutions per minute.

The virtual partner functionality is another great way to use your forerunner 405cx. The partner is always ready for a challenge. On your watch it is displayed as an animated runner. It compares it to your runner showing who is behind or behead visually, and there is also a readout with numbers stating the exact difference between you and your virtual partner. It is simple to change the pace of your partner through touching and sliding finger around the bezel on the watch. The virtual partner pushes you on in each run helping you to increase your fitness and reduce lap times significantly. You can also set your previous runs to act as the virtual partner to see how you are improving over time.

The wireless technology in the 405cx allows you to effortlessly transfer the data to and from your computer. Runners, cyclists or hikers can send courses, goals and workout sessions to the Garmin 405cx before beginning and after the session is finished easily transfer the results back to the PC from an exercise session you have just done to your computer. Athletes can log their workouts, track totals, set goals and share workouts with others and also join the online fitness community at Garmin Connect. You can also share your workout with another nearby 405cx through the wireless data transfer. It will send across locations, advanced workouts and courses!

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Ardyss International Review - How to Build Your Ardyss Business on the Internet

An industry buzz is growing but Ardyss stands out as a revolutionary wellness program for total health with a two step program. However, what is Adryss exactly, and is it a worthy business endeavor for your time and efforts?

Review of Adryss International's Powerful Program.

A total wellness program such as Ardyss is built on the concept of comfort, balance and health. It has many proposed benefits:

- Slimmer figure
- Weight loss
- Slows down the aging process
- Posture improvement
- Defense-building against degenerative illnesses
- Feeling younger
- Energy-increasing
- Spinal strengthening
- Abdominal muscle building

Ardyss International boasts a two-step body system for both men and women. Body Magic is the first step; this includes undergarments to change the shape of the body and improve the appearance. weight-loss nutrition. These drinks and nutritional supplements include the LeVive Super Drink, a powerful antioxidant with natural ingredients and a host of health benefits.

Network Business: Ardyss

Ardyss is offering network marketers like you a very powerful business model. Utilizing social networks, Ardyss promotes massive exposure through natural marketing methods. Their strategy is akin to building a virtual grassroots movement. Video sites have an incredible Ardyss presence.

Furthermore, the Ardyss business capitalizes on a drastic society-wide need-combating obesity, increasing appearance, and improving health. The major platform for their marketing model is the Internet.

With Ardyss you can work from home without additional operational costs. Network marketers do not have to purchase inventory, hire employees, buy office space or listen to managers. Internet Marketers use marketing methods that create residual income or passive income which gives them time to do the things they enjoy.

Ardyss: Making Your Business Grow

Networking marketing can be difficult, but with Ardyss, its powerful product and great business model give you an advantage. It's not hard to get started with Ardyss but to establish it as your business you will need time and effort. However, using these strategies will help your network reach its full potential.

Unleashing the Power of Referrals: - Referrals are unquestionably the most powerful form of marketing. Ardyss capitalizes on the referrel process by cutting out the middle men and scam like approaches. This is the process that you can use to your greatest profit. You can start with a defined market segment and ask those customers to refer friends. Referrals will grow beyond any market segment that you can individually reach, thus increasing your profitability.

Using Ardyss Reviews: - Product reviews are a compelling form of marketing. You can compose an Ardyss review and post it on your own website or blog and get greater exposure. Making the review as honest as possible is to your advantage, even if you state several of Ardyss cons (in addition, of course, to its advantages).

Use the Internet: - An Ardyss business is built upon getting the word out about your business. Using the Internet to spread the word is easy with social networking venues, YouTube videos, Twitter updates, e-mail campaigns and blog posts. The most effective method for a successful Ardyss business is building your quality leads and stayin as active as possible.

Ardyss offers a solid foundation and business model, but ultimately, you must utilize smart marketing practices to grow your earnings to its full potential.

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Reebok Treadmill Model 9500 ES - Is It A Treadmill Or Home Entertainment System?

The Reebok Treadmill Model 9500 ES is so packed with features that I wonder if it should be described as a treadmill at all! Combining fitness with fun, its more of a one stop workout and mini entertainment venue right there in your own home. An expensive gadget or a cheaper alternative to a fitness membership? I guess that depends on how much you pay at your fitness center, and how often you use it.

Another thing that strikes you when you're looking around for advice on the Reebock Treadmill Model 9500 ES, and other Reebok treadmills - made by ICON Health and Fitness - is the manufacturer's description. There's a trademark attached to so many of the features, and without sounding negative about the product itself, do we really care if the fan, or incline control has some kind of made-up name for the sake of adding a TM after it, and does it make the treadmill any more attractive to buyers? I doubt it! For the purpose of this review, however, I have included all the ® and (TM) logos where appropriate, and you can see for yourself how ridiculous it starts to appear.

Main specifications:

Motor: 3.5 CHP Commercial grade
Incline: 0-12% Power Incline(TM)
Speed: 0-12 mph One Touch(TM) Speed Control
Running surface: 60" x 20"
Heart Rate: EKG(TM) Heart Rate Monitor
Folding feature: SpaceSaver® Fold Away Design
Shock Absorption: DMX(TM) Adjustable Impact
Max user weight: 350 lbs
Warranty: Motor - 20 years

The Reebok Treadmill Model 9500 ES has a huge choice of 35 built-in programs, including four pre-set options, two event training programs, two for heart rate control, and six calibrated weight loss programs. If that's not enough, the 9500 ES is also compatible with iFit® Interactive Technology, which is like having a virtual personal trainer! The belt on this model is a very good size for a home treadmill, at 60" in length and 20" wide, giving a decent running surface and a more comfortable workout for those with longer legs. With speeds of up to 12mph thanks to the 3.5 CHP commercial grade motor, the Reebok 9500 ES is able to compete with some of the treadmills you see at the gym. Another attractive feature is the One Touch(TM) Speed Control, making it quick and easy to adjust your speed to your required level.


A multi-color LED display on the console shows the usual readouts for speed, time, distance and heart rate, and the integrated AutoBreeze(TM) Fan on the Reebock Treadmill Model 9500 ES will help keep you cool during your workout. The piece de resistance on this treadmill has to be the entertainment center. Featuring a 7" interactive flat screen, built in speakers, sub woofer and MP3 system, the Reebok Treadmill Model 9500 ES will surely make your regular workout an enjoyable experience.

Design and Warranty:

The folding feature of the Reebok Treadmill Model 9500 ES offers a convenient solution for home fitness users. The SpaceSaver® Fold Away Design with Easy Lift Assist Shock makes quick work of storing the unit away when you need the space.

The standard warranty on this model is one year for parts and labor, and 20 years for the motor. This, for me, is where it falls down when compared to some of the other folding treadmills; for example the Sole F80 includes a 30-year deck and motor warranty, and 5 years for its other parts.

virtual model weight loss

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